All of us are fighting battles that you can not see. Our outside personas rarely match what is happening on the inside (although getting the two to coincide will lead to greater happiness mind you). Finding ways to make your life better is a must…

So, here are a few less generic ideas for you.

5 Ways to Make Your Life Better

Ways to Make your Life Better

Upgrade your Screen Time

There are so many options now to distract and satiate. For instance, watching Netflix is not going to lead you to a better place in most likelihood. Yes, there is value in watching a show, or film every now and then, but if you are still in the ‘binge watch’ arena, you are trading your most valuable asset, your time, for no longer-term reward, just short term entertainment.

If you are critical enough, you will likely see that you are trading what you want most, for what you want now. Upgrade the content that you watch if you want to continue with ‘screen time’.

All of the free video platforms have podcast options, as a great example, in any and all subject areas. Podcasts are a great way to discover new ideas. The more ideas you are subjected to, the more options you will begin to see. The more options that you see, the more optimistic your general outlook will be.

Upgrade your Information

I am sorry, but it has to be said, if you are still watching/consuming mainstream content; radio, TV, Newspapers, you are being exposed to an inaccurate framing of reality. This is designed to make you exploitable. Don’t do it.

Find more credible and reliable sources of information. A general good rule of thumb is to seek out people who are involved or doing what you are looking to learn about. Pundits and commentators do not generally seem interested in factual information, more over how they can spin it to fit the message they want you to hear. The mainstream press is full of it.

The good news is, when you start to see the manipulation, you will not be able to unsee it. This is a great place to be. Although this process can be very painful for some As the penny drops, you will start to realise that much of what you have grown to believe is false, and trusted institutions are not who they claim to be.


This is the greatest time in history for the sharing of ideas. Ideas are freeing, which is why censorship has become mainstream.

If you seek out those in science, politics and philosophy who have been censored, you will likely learn many interesting new things. Take the ideas that you like, as there will be many. Disregard those that you don’t like, as there will be plenty of them too.

Move your Work Online

This has fast become a possible reality with more recent events and a great way to make your life better. The Work From Home era has truly arrived.

There are Pros and Cons depending on character types, but with no commutes, traffic.. Not even having to shower and dress before work, opens up more time for the things that you love. Some of you may be able to reclaim many hours as a result.

And time is the ultimate resource.

Sadly, not all jobs can transfer online, but if this idea resonates, start looking for ways to action it. You may need to retrain, but as there is a whole internet of free information out there, you are in luck. You can learn any online skill just from what is freely available, or at least get enough experience to be able to land a job. If you are really keen, you might even be able to become a Freelancer in a particular field.

Working online isn’t just a benefit for you, it can also be a benefit for your employer. Rent is a big expense for many businesses. Frame your WFH requests around the benefits for your company, and soon they will likely see it your way.

Don’t Just Go on Holiday, Move There

This pairs with the above, and is becoming easier and easier in the digital age. Why spend 90% of the year somewhere that you need a break from? Why not live in your favourite place, so you can ‘holiday’ easily after work and on the weekends?

Beach life anyone?

I feel that this article may age well going forward as more and more countries will see the benefits of attracting the ‘Digital Nomad / Freelancer’ types. There are already Digital Nomad visa options available. Depending on your current status, you could leave as soon as next week.

Be Free of Addictions

Ok, this one is a bit more in the ‘generic’ camp, but it you are looking for freedom you will need to release yourselves from any destructive habits.

Smoking, drinking, gambling, shopping, you know which are affecting your life. Not grabbing these by the horns and dealing with them head on is going to leave you churning harder. The more churn, the heavier you will feel. The heavier you feel, the less opportunities you will see. The less opportunities you see… I think you get the picture.

If you are looking to make your life better, it goes without saying that these need to be addressed.

They are easy to solve. Take smoking for instance, all you need to do is not put a cigarette in your mouth and light it. It is not complex. The complex part is the reasons why you put the cigarette in your mouth, and the internal dialogue that goes with it. Your external identity is a factor also.

More on that another time.

We don’t get long on this planet, so my advice is to not hang around. If you don’t pay attention, a decade may pass before you realise it.

Take nuggets of information and use them, dream big and think big. Looking at the stats in the West, it may cost you your life if you don’t.




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