I have seen into the future..

My 14 day quarantine in Bangkok is ending…

and what has come as a surprise to me…

(… if you listen to the World Economic Forum)

Is that my 2 weeks of quaratine is probably a good example of the direction we are headed.

Now, to be perfectly frank. I am quite good at spending time on my own.

There is plenty to learn and do with access to the internet (Netflix also helps)

Being fed 3 times a day with little personal resposibilities is, in fact, very comfortable.

But that is NOT what life is about.

Life is about the ups, the downs, the wins and the losses.

The most successful and happy people I know have tasted them all deeply.

One thing I believe is that life is about seeking out emotional experiences.

The more you test them, the negative ones too, the wider your emotional spectrum becomes.

… and as a result the average day can become a joy.


Although this recent period has been very comfortable, it has also been restrictive and unfulfulling.

Which brings me on to something that I believe you should know (and what you do with this is up to you)

Your choices are going to become very limited if you are in a particular situation (which the vast majority of people are)

You see, being free means you can make decisions without anyone interfering.

… Which is about to change for many.

I see companies starting to mandate certain personal choices as a requirement of employment.

Sadly a trend I see catching on.

Plainly put, companies should not be interfering in these types of decisions…

If you haven’t already, now is the time to be creating income independently…

It’s time to be less reliant on your job…

It’s time to build that side hustle.

To your future,


P.S. If you are unsure on how to move forward, I highly recommend this… You look past the M word to understand the full value here.