We all want an awesome life, yet it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Start using these 14 tips today and watch how your life improves –

Figure out what you want
Set goals that will help you achieve your desired lifestyle
Make a plan for how to get there
Take steps to make those dreams a reality
Make your to-do list the night before it’s due
Focus on the positive, not the negative
Be honest with yourself and others
Be patient and persistent – it takes time to create an awesome life!
Face your fears head on
Stop comparing yourself to other people
Create a support system of people who will help you stay accountable and motivated (friends, family, mentors)
Stay motivated and don’t give up – things won’t happen over night, but if you work hard enough they will come true!
Be happy with the life you have while working on making it better for yourself!
Take time for yourself every day – whether that’s reading, exercising, or taking a walk in nature

If this is music to your eyes, this will be the best $40 you will ever spend.

To your future,