You won’t get ‘rich’ in a 9-5, but are there times when they are the best fit on your journey?

Here are some situations where they may work for you –

They are great for ‘cutting your teeth’

Learn your skill at someone else’s expense. 9-5’s are a great way to complete your ‘apprenticeship’ phase. Do it while being protected financially and get paid to learn.

If you love what you do, why stop doing it?

We often forget that happiness is likely the best metric of success. If you love what you do, and where you work, why would you leave? If you want to increase your income, start a side hustle (more on that below)

The right 9-5 will add early credibility to your new business.

Much like a reference, the right ex employment may add credibility in your customers’ eyes, helping you make sales.

You will read online that 9-5’s are the world’s worst things. With the right approach they can be beneficial.

What you don’t want to do is get to the point where you feel trapped.

That is why having a side hustle is so important.

Having a side hustle keeps a window in your head open. You will feel the possibilities out there and your daily grind won’t feel so hopeless.

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P.S. If you don’t have a side hustle just yet, this may be up your street.

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