We are all conditioned to believe certain things…

… Like a good rate of return on ‘dead’ money is 5%

At least that is what banks want you to believe.

I have just looked up the best High Street savings rates (in the US) for 2021, and they coming back at 4.5-5%

Which is better than I thought they would be if I am totally frank.

But seriously, that is SHIT.

The effects of inflation over the next year are likely to be more than that, which will mean you are losing value, while saving…. STILL.

I have just taken a look at the increase in price for Bitcoin in the last month and it is up 32.95%… In a MONTH… (Ethereum is 41.07%)

Yes, Bitcoin is volatile, but the long term trend is still pointing upwards…

The long term for holding fiat like USD, GBP, AUD is slowing grinding downwards… (and will likely speed up)

I am not suggesting to hold all of your money in Bitcoin, far from it, but if you have not engaged at all in that arena, it may be something you may like to research.

I was at that point of dipping my toes in a few years back when I picked up 5 BTC for about $250…

That $250 would now be worth $210,815 if I hadn’t sold them for $6,500 thinking I had made a real win lmao.

This is not financial advice, you’re a big person capable of making your own decisions, but I just want you to see the opportunities out there.

There are no guarantees in Crypto and many traps to fall into, but if you keep it simple I believe there is a steady chance of getting really good results.

>>> This may be a good read for you if you are looking into it, or have already just dipped your toes in

Just be warned, Crypto may pull back a bit, but I believe that it is moving up (in general) to a new support area.

To your future,