Sometimes you get a reminder ‘why’ that comes from so far out of leftfield.

Let me explain…

I posted a comment on social media the other day about a topic that people are really passionate about.

Got the expected responses from everyone on both sides… bar one guy.

His response was so far out of leftfield, that it serves as a stark reminder of one of the lessons in my eBook.

Attract More Succesful People into Your Life

Don’t get me wrong, this guy is a lovely, but he is far too emotionally invested in some things.

Which are a detriment to him in my opinion.

… and sadly means we will never hang out.

No one likes this idea, but it’s a subheading of the above, Become Really Good at Rejecting People.

I get it, it sounds awful, but it is the key to getting ahead.

… and was very much a part of the toolkit I used to beat my alcohol issue, so I firmly believe in it.

This doesn’t mean that these people are bad, it just means that you have to look after Number 1 first (No1 is you obvs).

You can not help people when you are not firing on all cyclinders.

(It’s why they have you put on your own oxygen mask before helping others in a plane situ if you have ever listened to the emergency briefing where your exits are here, here and here).

And getting caught up with the wrong people will make you not fire at all.

You are very valuable, but if you are incapacitated, your value drops real quick.

Create the environment that works for you.

That includes the people you let be close to you.

To your future,