Yes, seriously…

That was the header and the body of the email went to try and confirm it.


… You’re using email to market to me, but telling me it doesn’t give results?

Here’s some facts about email –

– There were just over 4 BILLION email users in 2020.

– Email users are growing steadily at a rate of just under 3% per year (sounds small but that’s 120 million new users per year)

– 300.4 billion emails were sent PER DAY in 2020. That’s 300,400,000,000. You couldn’t even fit that size number on a calculator back in the day.

… and what is the one thing you are always asked for when setting something up online?…

Your email address.

Email is not going anywhere, it is the backbone of internet communication.

Yes, there are more fancy messengers, and apps on phones etc, but email is the steady mule that does the heavy lifting.

And unlike the phone messengers, you are not communicating in real time..

.. Which means you don’t actually need to be there (more on this in the next few days, so keep your eye out).

To your future,