Here’s some simple steps to get what you want.

1. You need to decide what that is. It is no good having just a vague idea, you need to screw that shit down. An interesting exercise is to picture your perfect average day (I have spoken about this before). Where do you wake up? What is your morning routine? What does work look and feel like? How to you engage with people? etc etc.

2. Find other people that have what you want and model what they did to get it. That doesn’t mean that you need to carbon copy them, but they know and have the keys to the success that you want.

3. Chop up the journey into small steps. This makes regular easy wins for you, will give you confidence each time you complete a task, and makes the journey seem accomplishable.

4. Reward yourself when you pass landmarks in the journey. After all, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

5. Make sure to do something towards your goal daily. This builds momentun and you will see change much quicker, again building confidence.

(6. This is a bonus one as I see so many people do this. When making decisions outside of your plans, make sure they don’t conflict. I see too many people do things like upgrade their car (meaning a bigger car payment) when they are looking to create space and gain more freedom. Higher monthly payments = less freedom)

To your future,


P.S. Creating the life that you want has many sides. If you are looking to dive deep on them all, this is for you.