I am on day one of my mission back to Asia and now can’t walk….

The world is so different now, what used to take +/- 36 hours with all the transfers, will now take me just shy of 3 weeks.

In fact…

With the most recent news, I may be marooned in Bangkok after quarantine, so who knows how long it will be?!


Got a PCR test done this morning, so I can fly, and thought I would walk back to the hotel after.

Just as I am leaving the airport I awkwardly miss a curb and pull my calf muscle..


Me being the sucker that I am, it was just too nice a day, really sunny, that I could not resist the (now) hobble back.

It was real slow progress and I am now crispy.


While ‘heeling’ my right foot all the way the phrase ‘a little adversity is good for the soul’ kept ringing round my head.

Which is so true.

(I think it was my subconscious trying to justify the bigger injury I was in the process of creating)

But if there are no real challenges, there are no real victories.

Hobbling 8km isn’t the biggest of hurdles but I had such a nice time letting the mind wander while I also basked in the sun.

A real treat.

Yin and Yang as some might say.

The takeaway I am getting to is don’t be scared of challenges as they will be interlaced with joyous rewards.

Spiritual, mental, emotional and financial.

… and if you’re real lucky, you will get to whince while ‘dragfooting’ it to the bathroom.

To your future.


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