By the time it got to penalties, it never was.

That’s the history of Italy v England, past extra time and into penalties.

We lose..

Football doesn’t come home (soccer if you’re from across the pond).

Now, tbh, I am not a football fan at all but it is nice sometimes to dip in when a big game is on..

That goes for any sport.

To watch the best of the best compete against each other.


It does remind me of how many hours get invested in following such sports, by so many, each and every weekend.

Weekends are prime time to make your dent in the world.

Smash out your side hustle, level up, build your dreams.

I am not saying your shouldn’t ever relax and enjoy yourself, just be mindful of what you are choosing over your future.

‘Deferred Gratification’ after all is a common habit among the succesful.

To your future.