Yes, you read it right.

Would you give up a month of your life with no guarantee of success?

TBH, most people aren’t willing to give up even an hour of their time if they are not getting directly paid for it.

This is the worst frame of mind to have if you want to succeed.

You have to be able to put in time to projects and ‘defer gratitude’ for later.

Often, there is no guarantee of getting the rewards you are looking for.

Take my situation now.

I am holed up in Bangkok, in COVID quarantine.


Because living in Thailand is the goal (I was living here until last year when my Mum fell sick and I returned to the UK).

To me, living in the tropics is a huge part of what I deem to be success in my journey.

But, I have known that getting to the province I am looking to get to is not guaranteed, at least in the short term.

Lo and behold, the rules changed a week before my flight meaning I am likely going to be marooned in BKK when I get discharged from solitary.

Making a journey that would normally take 36 hours door to door, probably take me well over a month.

But that’s OK.

I am in the tropics, where the energy is different and the I am already starting to feel better.

So, what has that got to do with you?

The take away here is to figure out what success means to you (be wary that it is definitely you speaking and not your culture or conditioning)…

… and be prepared to go out and seek it… UNPAID.

To be frank, that is your life’s purpose.

As they say, ‘You will never work a day in your life doing what you love’.

To your future,


P.S. If you are looking to be set free this might help.