I caught up with a friend of mine last night and it is funny how things change.

You have to bear in mind that we have only ever met up in person once. We got to know each other over the internet. I believe originally through a YouTube channel I used to run.

Over the years the chats have ranged from nutrition, to US politics (neither of us are from the US), to interesting menu items at 7-11, and everything in between.

One of our main topics is our enjoyment of cycling.

Now, when we met back in 2018, we went out for a 100k(ish) ride and the poor guy was struggling. I had cycled over to the suburb of Bangkok that he lives, as I was passing through from cycling in Chiang Mai. It was hot (as expected) and I don’t think he had had chance to ride much in the weeks prior due to his work and life etc.

I, on the other hand, had been averaging a good 4-500k per week.

This brings us back to yesterday.

Due to COVID and the lack of his need to work over the last few months, my crazy Kiwi friend has been doing a good 4-500km a week and I, due to being in the UK over winter, have done very few.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

What I found interesting as we were chatting yesterday, was when he flippantly said that he was now a ‘Professional Cyclist’. He’s not, he’s in his 50’s and a school teacher, but it spoke to something quite dear to me…

… and something that used correctly will enhance your results 10 fold.

If you apply the concepts in the above, you will be able to modify how you interact with the world and be far more efficient in doing so.

Take a load off if you will.

This isn’t just relevant in the context outlined, but in all aspects of lives past.

Check it out

To your future.