Have you ever heard the old addage…

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink?’

There’s some wisdom in that.

I have had 2 recent situations with people that I know, 2 stories that have a big ‘take-away’ for you.

Both involve great guys, don’t get me wrong…

But both haven’t figured it out yet…

The first got a big redundancy payout from his old job (not COVID related for once, the company was moving)

He was happy as Larry to cash in.

Fast forward to now, I have just found out that he has spent all of the money and is behind on his rent.

The second has also come into some money, more recently, and we were talking about what options are out there for possible investments a few weeks ago.

He still hasn’t pulled the trigger on anything (one possibility was looking really good at one point, which I had to let him know too).

The way he was speaking yesterday, I doubt he will invest anything at all.

Both these guys are great guys but won’t do what it takes to move forward.

They are stuck in their conditioned mental loops.

… and won’t do anything new.

Hey, I get it.

New stuff can be daunting. I have been there too.

But baby steps and you soon build confidence.

But with this pair, it seems that baby steps will never happen.

It is a shame, as both deserve good things as they are such nice guys…

… But you can lead a horse to water….

To your future.


P.S. If you want to move forward, this training outlines a great philosophy on the 3 main pillars in life. For the 40 odd bucks it costs, its price to value ratio is off the charts 😉