‘Selfish’… Is the first reaction you will get when you start to focus on what you want.

It has happened to me and countless others I am sure.


What most of us are striving for is actually SELFLESS..

Are we trying to be miserly and keep all our successes to ourselves?

You see, we are not only looking to improve our lives for us, but also for OTHERS…

For instance –

How do you help a sick family member if you have no time as you need to work 60 hours a week to pay bills?

How do you help a friend in dire financial straits without some spare cash in the bank?

Perhaps you have kids and you want to take them on holiday…

How do you let your partner know that you love them without needing to say the words?

The airplane analogy fits here so perfectly…

Why is it that you are required to fit your own oxygen mask before helping others?

Simply because you are no use to anyone if you have suffocated.

Becoming as useful as you can is BENEFICIAL to others…

Being your best self will affect those around you in so many ways…

and in many that you may not even be able to see.

And that is the game we are in.

Be the best you can.

To your future.


P.S. This will help you become the best you can