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What is it?
It’s the central tool in any email business. It manages your lists of collected email addresses and lets you send to all at once (you can also create email sequences that will send even when you’re sleeping)
and signup is only $0.
If this is all new to you, I want you to go and sign up for your free account now…
… and create a ‘landing page’ for people to subscribe to your email list.
On your page you will need –
– To outline the reasons why your visitors should join your list.
– Add an ‘opt in’ box (the box that people fill in their name and email address).
You will already be off to a great start, and it will take you minutes.
It really is that simple to get started.
To your future,
P.S. Just FYI, the link I have shared with you is an affiliate link which means a commission is paid should you upgrade your account. Don’t worry, this will not cost you any more, at any point. If you believe you are getting value from here, and want to show your appreciation for no extra cost, sign up through this link, it is greatly appreciated 😉