Here’s how to make your life miserable…

… how many of these are you guilty of?

– Get another subscription payment monthly for anything that doesn’t improve your situation
– Drink so much at night you feel it the next day
– Endlessly watch TV during all of your free time
– Eat bad food that makes you feel sluggish and uninspired
– Never exercise
– Hang out with negative people
– Keep your house messy and filled with clutter
– Drink a lot of coffee (it is a neurotoxin and also an emotional rollercoaster)
– Smoke (obviously bad for your health and mental state, also such a big spend each month for no tangible gain)
– Fail to keep hydrated
– Undereat
– Spend too much time thinking about the past/future
– Never read books

That’s a pretty good list of don’ts to start with.

Let me know of any that I have missed.

To your future,