There are 1000s of them.

Rallying you into your work and success battle cry…

But all of their efforts share the same fatal flaw when it comes to you and your efforts.

You see, there is so much information online.

And, you can get hooked on it, especially at the start.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I used to think, if I am still filling my head with good information, then I am at least moving forward.

(I had many new, better habits yet to form so that was partially true)

Always moving forward is the way to achieve what you want to achieve, doesn’t matter how slow or how small each step.

Progress soon starts to muliply if you are consistant.

Like, EVERYDAY consistent.

This is true in all areas.

My fitness shoots off the charts when bike touring. Doesn’t really matter the distances I cover per day, it is all about the everyday riding that is the key.

Now, back to the common thread that is the issue with motivational Gurus and much of their content.

What happens when they are not there whipping you up into a frenzy?

You’re on your own…

That is the true test.

I remember seeing a short Gary Vaynerchuk clip somewhere (could have been anywhere cos Gary Vee is literally everywhere, it is his thing)

This young lad went up and asked G to slap him in the face and shout at him to go and achieve his goals (you know how odd young lads can be…).

To which G refused (I am sure the reasoning for that was on many levels)

The reason he gave was exactly my point.

What happens when he is not there to do the motivating?

What happens then?

Is he actually helping you by making you reliant on him to be able to achieve your goals?

Here’s a couple of quick things that you can do to increase your motication surrounding your projects –

Chisel away at your initial concept to make sure that it is something that you are going to love.
Break tedious jobs into the smallest of parts so you get more ‘wins’ along the way.

The subconcious loves ‘wins’, each come with a little dopamine hit that is addictive.

Keep them coming and you are gonna hit places you never thought possible.


I am working on something that I think you are going to love, so keep checking my emails every day.

It is a way to set up an income producing business (which you can do for no cost), get huge leverage and still be doing what you love.

It’s gonna take some work, but it is definitely going to move you faster towards your goals.

As you are on my list, I am going to be giving you access to it, for free, before I start charging.

You are my VIPs so I like to treat you that way 😉

(I have to be honest though, when things are free, people tend to not treat them as they should. If you pay $1000 for something… you have skin in the game, which is its own motivator. Generally leading to the desired results more often).

We shall see, maybe I will charge for it…

To your future,