Hey ,

I was first introduced to this idea about 15 years ago…

… and if you are like most people, unsure where you want to ‘go’, you are going to want to read this whole email.

I am going to give you something that changed my life.

You see, there are so many on this planet that struggle to answer the ‘what to do with your life’ question.

Hey, it’s understandable, it’s a big question; sooo many options.

It must have been around 2006, and I was watching a Frank Kern seminar on Google Video, when Frank shared the
concept of the perfect average day.

Now, this is a great exercise to get the juices flowing, but also, for those still unaware of their ‘plan’, it makes a great
thing to aim for.

Don’t get too confused, this isn’t the ‘perfect day’, it’s the ‘perfect average day’.

Take a few minutes to have a play with thid yourself. Ask yourself a few questions like –

Where do I live?
What time to I wake?
What to do I eat for breakfast?
Do I exercise on the morning?
How many hours of work do I do?
What do I do for work?
Who do I spend time with?

… and start putting together what your perfect normal day is going to look like.

Let me share mine with you.

I wake up as the sun rises, in the tropics, it is warm.

I go out to a local cafe for a couple of espressos, plan the day, brainstorm.

Head out for at least a 25k bike ride.

Work for couple of hours on the more time critical projects

Have lunch with friends or family.

Take a 20 minute nap

Work on any slower/longer projects in the afternoon.

Head out for an hour in nature or at the beach.

Eat with family or friends and rest for the evening and sleep early.

Between you and me, I was 90% there until last year.

But life does throw you curveballs does it not?

Here’s to your future,