I have written a little article for you, it’s no longer than a 5 minute read, inspired by a medical doctor/psychotherapist who died 80+ years ago.

His name was Alfred Adler.

I first came across some of his work from a friend, probably about 20 years ago. But, like many things at times in my life, I wasn’t open to receiving what was being shared.

His teachings came back into my scope recently when I listened to the audio version of ‘The Courage to be Disliked’.

Although I am not 100% on board with the Adlerian perspective, it does make some really good points.

I have distilled one of Adler’s ideas into something digestible for you, and you are going to get some great results when you unleash it.

=> Check out the 3 minute read here

I unwittingly started using this about 10 years ago (which makes me think that what my friend originally shared had likely lodged
in my conciouness somewhere), and have found it has given me new heights of freedom.

Do be warned though, coming from the regular western perspective, it is going to feel uncomfortable at the start.

But, when the logic sinks in, you will have the capacity to unburden yourself from many situations.

You will also gain a bit of insight as to why the fortunes of the rich are so often squandered within 2 family generations.

=> One simple change of perspective to gain so much freedom

To you 😉