I am coaching someone who is setting up a new language venture.

… and they are having the usual self doubts.

They keep looking at the established competition and judging themselves very harshly against it.

Truth is, we all have a tendency to do it at times, am I right?

When we were last talking I pointed out that you don’t have to be David Beckham…

You see, when setting up any new venture we all think we need to be the utmost best in the marketplace…

.. But how do you judge that?

The default setting is to be the cheapest, but people are looking for so many different things.

Price is only one factor, and in most cases, only a minor one.

What we need to make sure that we are doing is offering something that someone else needs.

Which this person has.

(It is so evident, that they are still in such early days that they are already pulling in income)

But, again, the doubts creep in, ‘but I am not as good as’ this guy, or that guy.

You may not be on the level that you are judging it on perhaps.

But that is OK.

There are a million football coaches across the world and only a very small percentage have ever played professionally.

Which leads to the conclusion that you don’t need to be David Beckham to teach football (soccer).

You just need to be able to teach what it is your customers are looking to learn.

To your future,


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