For those who have been paying attention, this is old news. The more refined aspects of which, a little less old.

It should be becoming very apparent that there is an enclosure being built around you, courtesy of the likes of people such as the WEF and primarily Western Governments. It looks like Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States are first on the list to roll this out. They just need one to start, and I would put money on Canada being the first after the recent financial controls re the Truckers. After that, it will move to the rest.

I know it is an uncomfortable thought and sounds hyperbolic, but if all of your money is curtailed so that you can only spend it on ‘approved’ items, it is not a far stretch to see that that will soon become ‘approved’ places.

Stretch that a little further out and you will see that the middle class will be wiped out as private businesses will be targeted and exited from the payment system… All you will have left are the Oligarchs’ retail outlets. Take Amazon as a current example of that.

You think that sounds ridiculous?.. You have already seen some of that agenda playout with lockdowns. Who got burned the most? Private businesses. Who gained, mostly the Oligarchs, again think companies like Amazon.


You already know what will happen if you’re defined as a dissident accused of wrong think…..

If you have the current head of the G7 now openly talking programmable CBDCs it is time to stop with the ‘conspiracy theory’ nonsense.

What can you do?

The system is so far entrenched that if you look around you will see that the only solution is to build new economies… What does that mean?

There are entrepreneurs all over, if you are willing to look, building tech that works in parallel to what you see and know. There are ways out of this.

Let’s take the currency example…

Everyone thought that Bitcoin was the solution, a few years back, but with a public ledger, all transactions can be traced, as mentioned in the video. Yes, there may be ‘anonymous’ wallets, but with a swap from fiat (think GBP, USD etc) into Bitcoin being regulated and having your ID linked to your wallet on each trading platform. You can see the issue.

There are 2 current alternatives, Monero and Pirate Chain, that I know of. From my understanding they both have anonymous transactions and no public ledger.

IMO, Monero has a flaw that there is a not a set amount of it that can be created, so it could imitate fiat money and could be subject to inflation.

Pirate Chain has a set coin limit, from what I know, so to me sounds a better option overall so far.

As with anything there are no guarantees and all of the above is just my opinion. And, as we all know, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. But now is not the time to be scared, now is the time to educate yourself as you may be 10+ years behind.

Everyone should form their own opinions. The ‘crazies’ can only speculate and share information, as I am doing here.. Usually, that information that gets censored in some way, or gets shot down by the media. But the mainstream media does not represent an accurate picture of reality. You may be up to date with actions presented by CNN, but if they are not sharing an accurate picture, and they are your only information source, your opinions are all tainted with what they want you to think, not what actually is.

It is an uncomfortable process if you are new to it, trying to see the world how it actually is (which no one fully knows), but researching it will set you free and stop you living in fear.

One thing I would also like to add is that most people, I believe, who are complicit in putting this all together are not actually a ‘part’ of it, they just don’t understand it. They have been given an alternative narrative to make it fit as a good thing. So, as always, treat everyone with love and kindness. Even those who may not see things how you do.

We are all on team Earthling, and we should be looking towards the world we are leaving to the kids.

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